Storm-time MSTIDs embedded in the SED base

August 16, 2022

Zhang, S.-R., Nishimura, Y., Erickson, P. J., Aa, E., Kil, H., Deng, Y., et al. (2022). Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances in the Vicinity of Storm-Enhanced Density at Midlatitudes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 127(8), e2022JA030429. (open access)

  • Storm time medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances occur regularly near the base of storm-enhanced density in the continental US
  • Disturbance wavefronts developed primarily during storm main phase at evening–midnight local times, elongated NW-SE, and traveled southwestward
  • Disturbance onset coincided with intense electric fields and zonal propagation was synchronized with enhanced westward thermospheric winds

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